26 Feb 2016

SOLAS VGM Impact on the Vendor / By Maersk

The IMO regulation is clear that no container shall be loaded on a vessel unless a VGM is provided- with no exceptions. It is, therefore, the terminal operator’s obligation that a VGM exists before including containers in the final stowage plan. Maersk Line will ensure that the final load list only includes containers with a VGM.

Local and national legislation will dictate the consequences of loading a container without a VGM, and terminal operators naturally need to be aware of this.

Terminal operators will be receiving the VGM information either from the shipper or from the ocean carrier, and will need to have EDI or other processes in place to receive and process this information. If the VGM is obtained by weighing at the terminal operator’s premises, the terminal operator needs a process to send this VGM information back to the carrier. Maersk Line will be liaising with all terminal operators to ensure that a process is in place.

In rare cases terminals may weigh a packed container for which a VGM has already been communicated. Where different, the VGM arrived at by the terminal will be used.

Other vendors that are not part of the SOLAS Amendment – providing services such as barge, rail, depot, trucking, etc. at origin – may be included in the delivery of information relevant for the SOLAS Amendment where this is practical.

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