7 Apr 2016

FRESH FREE SOLAS VGM presentations delivered at Sydney – SOLAS Verified Container Weight Business Forum, 5 April 2016

Herewith I would like to share with you the presentations from Sydney taken place on 5th April 2016. You may find a lot of useful information there.

  1. The SOLAS treaty and, how do I weigh my containers accurately? by Roger Sack, Managing Director, Tramanco Pty Ltd.
    Link to pdf: SOLAS- Tramanco Solution
  2. WeightIT by David Goodwin.
    Link to pdf: SOLAS- Weighit Solution
  3. CONWEIGHT The weight to go.
    Link to pdf: SOLAS- Conweigh
  4. CONTAINER WEIGHT VERIFICATION AN INTRODUCTION by Australian Maritime Safety Authority.
    Link to pdf: SOLAS- AMSA presentation
  5. One Stop
    Link to pdf: SOLAS- 1-Stop
  6. Reality of Container Weighing in the Real World by Australian International Movers Association
    Link to pdf: SOLAS- Reality of Container Weighing in the Real World by Phillip Gordon
  7. SOLAS VERIFIED GROSS MASS by Nic van der Reyden, Partner
    Link to pdf: SOLAS- Holman Fenwick Willan
  8. Verified Gross Mass FAQS by Maritime Logistics Expert, Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics, Peter van Duyn
    Link to pdf: SOLAS- ICHCA presentation

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